Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Broccoli reigns the vegetable kingdom with its high nutritional value.It is rich in Vitamin A,Vitamin C,fiber,folic acid,iron,magnesium,zinc,thiamin,riboflavin etc etc.The dark colored florets contain more beta carotene and Vitamin C than those with the lighter ones.And also am so lucky b'cuz my hubby and little one like to eat broccoli.This is my daugter favorite soup.

Broccoli chopped very fine -1 cup
oil or butter - 1 tbsp
onion chopped - 1 tbsp
Garlic chopped - 1/2 tsp
Fat Free cheese - 3tbsp(i use kraft)
Milk - 2 cups ( I use skim milk)
Salt & Pepper - to taste
Heat small amt of butter in a pan,add broccoli saute it for 2mins then transfer it into a plate let it cool for 5mins,now put into the blender give 6 to 7 pulse (this step will help to make the broccoli very tiny piecs). Now heat remaing butterin a pan, add onion and garlic and saute till translucent.Add broccoli and saute for a 30sec.Now pour in the milk and keep stir it to avoid burning the milk.Boil for next 10mins.Don’t forget to stir in between.Add salt & pepper to taste.Finally add grated cheese stir it for 1min switch off,serve warm.

(Note:If you don't like cheese you can add lightly sauted all purpose flour for thicking the soup)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vegetable Jalfrizi with chicken and shrimp

Everyday i used spend lot of time to think what is my menu today..i know this is for everyone the same way today i took all the veggies from the fridge and after a hour i decided to make veg jalfrizi.My hubby is Non veg lover,so i've added some chicken and shirmp.But if you are veggie u can simply go with veggies alone.


Chicken -  1/4cup cut into cubes 
Shirmp - 10
carrot - 1 cut lenthwise
Beans - 12 cut lenthwise
Any colour Capsicum - 1 cut lenthwise
Cabbage - quarter cut lenthwise
Green peas - 1/4cup
Onion - 1 cut lenthwise
Tomato - 1
Green chilli - 2
cumin seeds - 1/2tsp
Ginger  julienns - 1tsp
 Red chilli pwdr - 1/2tsp
Garam masala powder - 1/4tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/4tsp
Soy Sauce - 1tsp


             Heat oil in pan,add and allow cumin to splutter.once they stop add green chillis and onion
saute the onions till it translucent.add all masala powders and cook over low flame about 7mins(add little water to avoid the burning).Now add the veggies and tomato with less than 1/4cup of water,cover and cook it over medium for another 10mins.Now add soy sauce and ginger julienns cook another 5mins.switch off and serve with chapathi.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grilld Fish

This very easy and tasty grilled fish.The taste is also very good.


Salmon or Tilapia - 1/2 lb
ginger garlic paste -2tbsp
Chilli Powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - as you need
oil - few drops
corn flour - 2tbsp.


Cut the salmon 3'long pieces.mix ginger garlic paste,chilli powder,salt; then add few drops water with corn flour,marinate the salmon with this paste drizzle few drops of oil over it ;cover and refrigrate atleast 2hours(overnight will be too good).

Broil it around 10mins each side with 375 F.Serve it warm.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Feeling Well

Hi All,

It's been quiet long time i've stopped blogging,because am not feeling am o.k i will start blogging soon.  

Sunday, August 10, 2008

16Bean Adai With Aviyal and Pineapple Chutney

Every body knows adai is very very healthy food,for adding more healthy i thought making adai with 16bean soup mix instead of few beans ,for more fiber,protein,etc...Not only adai my side dish avial and pineapple chutney also healthy and nutritious.


16 Bean soup mix - 3/4cup
uraddal -4tbsp
Brown rice or Raw rice - 1/2cup
Red chilli - 2
cocount - 2tbsp
salt - as needed
Asafodia powder - 1pinch
cinnamon - 1/2" piece
Garlic - 1cloves
curry leaves - 1sprig(finely chopped)
Medium size onion - 1/2(finely chopped)


Soak 16bean soup mix for atleast 6hours,in a separate bowl soak ural dal,chillis and rice for 2hours.Drain and grind in to corse paste everything together with remaining ingredients in table except curry leaves and onion.Add curry leaves and onion to the batter now.

Heat a griddle until smoking hot. Pour a laddle of batter onto the griddle and swirl in a concentric circular motion starting from the inside to the outside. Sprinkle a little oil around the edges and roast till golden brown. Flip and roast the other side till done. Serve with avial and pineapple chutney.


Drumsticks - 1
Brinjal -2
Potato - 1/2
Green plantain - 1/2
Carrot small - 1
Beans - 6
Diced White pumpkin - 1/4 cup
Raw mango - 3 slices(i've used frozen)
Turmeric -1/2tsp
Curd - 1/4cup

For Grinding:
Grated cocount - 1/2cup
Green chilli - 2
cumin - 1/2tsp
curry leaves - 5

For Seasoning:
Onion - 1/4 chopped roughly
Mustard - 1/2tsp

Cut all the veggies into lenth wise pieces,in a pan add 1cup of water,all the veggies,turmeric and salt.Bring it to boli till all the vegetales are tender.Grind together coconut,cumin seeds,green chilli, & curry leaves.Once the vegetables are cooked well,add the ground paste and cook for few minutes.Switch it off when its done and add curd and mix well.
Heat a 1tsp oil in kadai,lets pop the mustard then add onion saute it 30 to 40sec.Add it to the aviyal.

Pineapple Chutney:

Ripe Pineapple diced - 1/2 cup
Turmeric - 1/2tsp
Cumin - 1/4tsp
Green chilli - 2
Grated cocount - 6tbsp
Mustard - 1/4tsp
curry leaves - 5(optional)

In a pan add pineapple,cumin,turmeric with 4tbsp water,cover and cook it for over low till the pineapple tender.Switch it off ,let it cool.Grind in a blender with green chilli and salt,Season it with mustard and curry leaves.This is my most favorite side dish for adai.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pineapple spicy Thai lettuce Wraps

The first time when i had a shrimp lettuce wrap at P.F Chang the taste was too good,and it is very easy to make with very short time.after that i have seen this recipe in one grilling book,i tried immd;it turned very well.

You Need:
Pineapple cut into big chunks - 1/2 cup
Chopped Fresh cilantro - 1/2 punch
sugar - 1tsp
Chilli paste (sambal olek) - 2tsp
Fish sauce - 2tsp
Lettuce cut into round shapes - 15
Roasted and choped peanut - 1/4cup
Lime juice from 1 lemon


Whisk lime juce,sugar,fish sauce and chilli paste in a bowl together till sugar dissolves;add peanut and cilantro and stir until evenly dressed with sauce.
When ready to serve add the pineapple into sauce mixture,meanwhile arrange lettuce wraps in a big plate;fill the lettuce wraps with 1tsp of pineapple mixture.Serve immd.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Whole Grain Veg- swril Bread

Whole grains are very healthy and also playing important role when we looking for diet.As unbelievably tasty bread as it is easy,this bread proves that we can make the whole grain bread with great flavors and taste.

For Bread:

Whole Wheat Flour - 2cup
All purpose Flour - 1cup
salt - 1tsp
sugar - 2tsp
Regular dry active yeast - 1pkd
Warm Milk - 11/4cup
canola oil - 2tbsp
Melted Butter - 2tbsp
egg - 1

For Filling:

Grated Mixed Vegtables - 11/2 cup
Onion Chopped finely - 1
green chilli very finely chopped - 2
Minced ginger and garlic(not ginger garlic paste) - 1/2tsp
salt - 1/2tsp
Jeera - 1/2tsp


Grease bottom of loaf pan or cookie tray with shorting.

In small bowl add milk,yeast and sugar,cover it and keep aside for 15mins.In Large bowl mix flours and salt,add oil and egg ,add the milk mixture into flour bowl; sitr until flour is completely moistented and knead well for make good dough.Then keep aside for an hour.

Haet oil in a pan add jeera once it splutter add onion,salt,green chilli and minced ginger and garlic; fry for 5mins over low-medium heat,add mixed vegies cover and cook for another 10 to 15mins.let it cool completely.

After an hour roll out the dough using rolling pin or hand by 1 to 11/2 inch thickness as round or rectangular shape,spread the stuffing over the dough and drizzle some oil.

Roll the dough from one corner to another,seal it.then cover the stuffed dough,keep it some warm place for an another hour.

Heat oven to 350deg F .Bake 35 to 45 mins or top of bread is golden brown.Remove it from pan to wire rack.Brush top with melted butter.Serve with your favorite sauce.

This is my entry for Healthy Cooking - A Cookbook Giveaway Event