Monday, July 21, 2008

Whole Grain Veg- swril Bread

Whole grains are very healthy and also playing important role when we looking for diet.As unbelievably tasty bread as it is easy,this bread proves that we can make the whole grain bread with great flavors and taste.

For Bread:

Whole Wheat Flour - 2cup
All purpose Flour - 1cup
salt - 1tsp
sugar - 2tsp
Regular dry active yeast - 1pkd
Warm Milk - 11/4cup
canola oil - 2tbsp
Melted Butter - 2tbsp
egg - 1

For Filling:

Grated Mixed Vegtables - 11/2 cup
Onion Chopped finely - 1
green chilli very finely chopped - 2
Minced ginger and garlic(not ginger garlic paste) - 1/2tsp
salt - 1/2tsp
Jeera - 1/2tsp


Grease bottom of loaf pan or cookie tray with shorting.

In small bowl add milk,yeast and sugar,cover it and keep aside for 15mins.In Large bowl mix flours and salt,add oil and egg ,add the milk mixture into flour bowl; sitr until flour is completely moistented and knead well for make good dough.Then keep aside for an hour.

Haet oil in a pan add jeera once it splutter add onion,salt,green chilli and minced ginger and garlic; fry for 5mins over low-medium heat,add mixed vegies cover and cook for another 10 to 15mins.let it cool completely.

After an hour roll out the dough using rolling pin or hand by 1 to 11/2 inch thickness as round or rectangular shape,spread the stuffing over the dough and drizzle some oil.

Roll the dough from one corner to another,seal it.then cover the stuffed dough,keep it some warm place for an another hour.

Heat oven to 350deg F .Bake 35 to 45 mins or top of bread is golden brown.Remove it from pan to wire rack.Brush top with melted butter.Serve with your favorite sauce.

This is my entry for Healthy Cooking - A Cookbook Giveaway Event


Mansi Desai said...

Arul, that looks wonderful! I love the filling, and the bread seems to have risen so well! thanks for sending it to my event:)

bee said...

that is a truly beautiful and delicious-looking loaf.

Shriya said...

wow thats looks one yummy swirl bread. Love the recipe and wanna try this soon.

Anonymous said...

looks really good!!

karuna said...

nice recipe. the swirl looks really colourful.i think kids will love it.

Priti said...

Wonderful...what a recipe...very nice..Thanks for sharing

notyet100 said...

tis looks so yum,...nd fillin..

Bhawana said...

perfect looking. nice post.

Arul said...

It's my pleasure mansi.

Thanks Bee,Rev,bhavana and priti.

Shriya try it and letme know.

Yes karuna kids will love,i used make with dry fruits filling for my daugter.